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Mental health maintenance plan

Mental Health Maintenance

People will constantly face situations that will challenge the mind. If our centers remain in working order, a healthy mind, we can get rid of whatever situation that may stumble upon. Stress, illness, emotional and spiritual upheaval– they will just stream like water.

If we actually think about it, it takes effort to produce and preserve a healthy mind, because there are so many outside elements that are demanding our attention. However if we really strive and put that investment of making and preserving a healthy practical mind, the outdoors aspects that are trying to get in, will melt like snowflakes in your hand.

The Essentials

Consider that in building and creating a sound mind, you need to break down all of the factors that it will affect. You have the physical side, and then you have the emotional side, and you have the spiritual side.

For the physical side, this will deal with the overall psychomotor functions. It deals with the illnesses, fitness, etc..

For them emotional side, this will deal will all of the feelings that a person senses. From experiences to the many volatile emotions, this is where all is filtered.

Then you have the spiritual side, which is the core of the system. this side works closely with the mind since this is relatively the fuel that makes the mind do what it needs. It touches and makes the being whole. Though often neglected, this is one facet of life that should be really looked into.

Overall, when it comes to mental health maintenance, you need great care to sort out what is needed. If you really take a closer look, it can be an easy task. It’s like when you tell yourself that you can do it, low and behold you will be able to do it.

All you need to do is take a look at the factors that are affecting the overall well being of the mind, figure out what you need to make your mind healthy. Ask yourself what are your strengths and weaknesses.

Make your weaknesses into strengths and to make your strengths stronger. When it comes to you and your overall well being it’s important that you research and that you find the answers that you are looking for. After all this is you.

Remember that it all starts in the mind, so what we need to do is to make sure that the mind is healthy and sound. The hub or the center of activity has all its lights on. There is clear illumination for what is there and what should be done.

How does stress affect mental and emotional health

Stress and how it affects the mental health of a person is not something to take lightly. It can impact the mental health of a person in more ways than one.

Stress has positive and negative effects. For the positive side, stress can make a person system surge and jump up to be more productive; enabling a person to meet impossible deadlines and letting you finish tasks that you thought were impossible.

On the negative side, stress can inhibit a person from really functioning. More often than not, it limits a person’s thinking or reasoning; it can hold someone back and slows them down from accomplishing the tasks that they need to do. Stress acts like a stop sign that freezes a person in his tracks.

What Can Stress Do To You

What Can Stress Do To You

When a person says that he or she is stressed, more often than not, this refers to the negative form of stress. The mind and body feels the tension that stress is in putting on the system. There are instances where stress and its effects are short lived and whatever impact they may have on the system are minimal to none.

Then there occasions where stress is long term, and the effects are often long lasting and majorly impacts the system, both mentally and physically.

There are many ailments and diseases that are related to stress. Understand that stress affects the whole body. From the major organs like the heart, lungs, kidneys and then you also have the brain. Physically and mentally when a person is overloaded or stretched beyond his or her limit, just like a rubber band, the body as a whole feels the effects.

One example of a stress related ailment is depression. If you define depression, it means that a person is suffering from a low mood and at times he or she has an aversion for activities. It also affects the behavior, thoughts and feelings of a person. It is manifested in feelings like hopelessness, despair, lack of vigor, feeling of loss and restlessness.

A person who is depressed lacks the vitality that he or she once felt. Depression also affects concentration, often making the person

forgetful. It can also affect the appetite of the person suffering from depression, thus manifesting in loss of energy, fatigue, aches and pains and at times digestive problems.

Anxiety and Mental Health

When you truly think about it, depression which is brought on by stress
will target an individual’s mental health and over all well being. The state of mind in itself is not a psychiatric disorder, since it is a normal reaction of the mind to the occasions that are occurring in life. But as it progresses,
this stress associated disorder can become something major.
There have actually been numerous cases where individuals who experience anxiety are often treated with medicine considering that whatever they are feeling is starting to impact their health, mentally and physically and their safety. Similar to with individuals who are suicidal or for those who end up being dependent and abuse drugs.

Ways To Relieve Stress

You require to keep in mind that when you are going through a scenario that is difficult, you require to find methods to ease it. How would differ from person to person. There are lots of methods and outlets where you can alleviate impact of stress in your life.

Suggested Ways:

Workout— bear in mind that when you work out, you are making it possible for the body to produce endorphins, frequently called the pleased hormones. These hormonal agents are produced by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus and they imitate drug in your system, easing the pain and stress that you feel in your body and produces an overall sense of well being.

Sleep— this is one of one of the most standard ways on how a person can get some relief from stress Sleep is important since it helps the body and mind to restore and relax. Keep in mind that when you are dealing with a difficult circumstance, your mind is on overload. You are triggering your body to produce an overload of hormones that in most cases, will cause hurting your system. When you sleep, you are letting your body and mind to take its much needed rest. You are helping your system to close down and cool down.

Have you ever noticed that when you have a good night’s sleep, you simply feel charged, alert and all set to deal with the day? This is how sleep assists you to relieve stress.

Meditation— another option that you can utilize is to do practice meditation. Meditation is actually letting your mind unwind and attain state of peace while you are awake. It’s like stepping into a place where you can find peace and joy, separating yourself from the world and all the stress that you will ever feel. It promotes relaxation,
it lets you build internal energy, boost your concentration, and total attain a sense of well-being.
Indulging– for some, they discover ways to ease stress through leisure. It can be in the form of shopping, going to the day spa and getting a massage or going to the beauty parlor, getting manis and pedis or getting their hair done. Pampering is one kind of leisure that is a sure fire method of easing stress.

Travelling— another of leisurely activities that many individuals opt for when they wish to alleviate stress. In such a way, this is a form of detachment from the situation or place where they feel the stress. Having the ability to escape and unwind the mind typically helps individuals to ease the stress that they are feeling in the system.

Talking— among the most standard, primary and easiest method to relieve stress. When you are going through something that is putting a pressure in your system, or when you have an issue, or when you simply feel that you are being pulled from all sides and you are about to break, what you require to do is simply sit back and speak with someone about the situation.

Talking is a remedy all, given that it launches stress from your body and it allows you to analyze the circumstance that you are going through. When you speak with somebody whom you can rely on, you are able to launch the negative emotions that are stored inside you. By discussing the scenario, you are now helping your mind and body to launch the stress that is stored within.

Relieve Stress
Relieve Stress

ADHD And Bipolar Disorder

What is ADHD?

ADHD or Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder is a mental or behavioral disorder that is often defined by noticeable troubles when it concerns attention or impulsiveness and hyperactivity. Symptoms of the disorder generally emerge at the age of 7.

Obvious Symptoms for ADHD

Individuals who struggle with ADHD tend to be easily distracted; they miss details and forget things. They also tend to switch from one activity to another. They tend to end up being easily tired of the job after a few minutes.

They likewise have difficulty in focusing in arranging and finishing jobs. When it pertains to discovering, they tend to have difficulty in finishing or turning in tasks. They likewise tend to daydream, frequently ending up being baffled and they likewise tend to move slowly.

Individuals who are experiencing ADHD experience trouble in processing info. They are not as fast and as accurate as others and they tend to have a hard time when it comes to following directions. They also like to talk non-stop and they squirm or fidget in their seats. They like to play around and touch anything and everything that they see.

What is Bipolar illness?

Bipolar illness likewise called Bipolar Affective Disorder is a diagnosis for mood disorder. It is likewise referred to as Manic Depressive Condition or much better referred to as Manic Depression. Individuals who are struggling with Bipolar illness frequently experience episodes of changing states of anxiety.
Mania is a term utilized when referring to Bipolar Disorder Mania is a state of mood, which is abnormally elevated. People show symptoms like elevated moods, at times irritable, raised state of arousal or overall high energy levels. In a manner, this is the opposite of depression.

Obvious Signs for Bipolar Affective Disorder.

Throughout the stage of hypomania, which is the lowest level of mania, the person would frequently seem energetic; he or she is extremely productive and at times excitable.

Then at a greater level, the person would act unpredictably and typically impulsively, they tend to have a terrific difficulty in sleeping and sometimes make decisions that are impractical. At the highest level, individuals struggling with bipolar affective disorder would frequently experience psychosis or distorted beliefs about experiences.

As a defining function with people suffering from bipolar affective disorder they tend to struggle with Manic Episodes. Throughout a manic episode, the individual has a duration of an elevated or irritable state of mind, in many cases can take the kind of the sensation of bliss, which can last a minimum of a week. Due to this raised state, people feel a boost in energy and visible requirement to sleep and for some, they might go without sleeping for days.

Attention period is sluggish and throughout this stage, they tend to be quickly sidetracked. There is a tendency for substance abuse for people who are
suffering from manic episodes. They can likewise be aggressive, intrusive or intolerant and they likewise out of control. There are likewise experience delusions and an increase in their sexual drive.
At the most extreme levels, individuals who are struggling with manic episodes break away from truth and tend to trigger violent habits.

Self Help For ADHD And Bipolar Disorder

As soon as you understand the results of ADHD and Bipolar Illness, you can now turn your attention into assisting yourself conquer these ailments that are impacting your mental well being.

Help Yourself:


When you are battling with ailments like ADHD and Bipolar Illness, it takes a certain understanding on your part. What this indicates is that you need to find out what you can about what you are going through. Rejection will not assist you since you are restraining yourself in getting better. This is not self assistance, this is self deprivation. You need to reverse the situation and discover methods on how to improve.


Acceptance of what you are going though need to be the next step in your mission to overcome ADHD and Bipolar Disorder. It starts with you. Accept the situation and find out ways on how you can treat yourself. Do not limit yourself with ignorance and denial of what is happening in your life. The mere truth that you accepted that you remain in this situation which you need help is a form of self assistance. Make sure that you take the proper steps that you require to take to rid yourself of these disorders. A healthy mind is a great reward, which you will have, when you make the ideal choice in making yourself healthy.


For these kinds of disorders, acceptance and awareness is the type in making yourself better. if you are starting to see or if other people are beginning to observe that you are having unpredictable habits that are
near to the explained symptoms for ADHD and Bipolar Affective Disorder, it is time that you look for medical counseling. Bear in mind that you are helping yourself, so you are trying to find the cure in making you feel much better.
You are doing yourself a favor in looking for medical assistance. You are discovering methods to make certain that you will have a healthy mind and you can manage the illness that is trying to take control of your system. Keeping this in mind, it will lead you closer to eliminating these conditions and getting the healthy mind that you deserve.


As soon as you get past the acceptance and the medical side, what you need to do is to preserve what is prescribed and what is bought for you. diligence is an important part on the road to recovery. You can not get better with one tablet or with one shot, it takes effort. at the end of the day, it will all be worth it.

Mind Over Condition

Keep in mind the phrase “mind over matter”, not modify and use this expression in your life “Mind over disorder.” Assist your system to win the battle to get rid of ADHD and Bipolar illness by thinking yourself to be well.

The mind is an effective tool that you can utilize. Assist the drugs that are swimming in your system by releasing enzymes in your body which will help you fight the conditions that are trying to wreak have on your healthy mind.

Why You Need To Address Your Spiritual Health

Spiritual Health
Spiritual Health

When you state spiritual health, what does it actually relate to? In attending to the overall wellness of a person, there are three vital elements, comprising of the mental, physical and Spiritual health.

When you truly examine it, spiritual health is the most vital part of the total well being of an individual. Aside from the mental and physical elements of life that we consider, spiritual wellness is an essential element for health.

Have you ever noticed delighted individuals and why they hardly ever get ill? The answer to this? Well, this person is healthy spiritually.

Comprehending Spiritual Health

Spiritual Health pertains to a person emotional well being and wholeness. If a person is spiritually imbalanced, then mental and physical they will likewise feel imbalanced. There is a deep and intertwined connection between our feelings, our mind and our body. If a person is feeling spiritually healthy, the mind would feel more alert and the body will likewise feel healthy and fit.

When you state spiritual, you are referring to the deepest part of you. This is the part of your being that tells you what is significance of life itself. It lies in the innermost part of your system, providing you the strength to believe and hope.

For lots of, when you say spiritual, it describes faith or to the connection to God. For others, it is the emotions that are within, or the personal relationships that they have with others.

Addressing Spiritual Health

Remember that there is an excellent and deep connection between your mental, physical and spiritual aspects. All of these play an important role when it comes to your health.

Spiritual wellness and health takes the back burner, which actually should not hold true. When a person is spiritually healthy, the body and mind follows. If a person is discontented, dissatisfied, experiences sensations of emptiness, then that person’s spiritual health is suffering.
The result of this to the system is that the body feels fatigued, often stressed, and the mind does not function as it needs to be, and you often lose your concentration or you lose your focus and drive to finish your jobs.
When you feel well and balanced spiritually, you will have a general sense of well being. This is as important as the food, water and understanding that you feed your system. being healthy spiritually will offer you the comfort that you need, enlighten you with the function for the important things that you require to do, give you the strength that you need and after that there is hope and inner peace.

You require to resolve your spiritual health because this is the fuel keeps an individual to go on. This is where the inner strength of a person lies, and if this part is not healthy, you will not have that drive to keep you in motion.

Determination, strength, faith, hope, aspiration, function– these are just a few of the many gifts that our spiritual health provides us.

Self Help For Spiritual Health

How do you assist yourself spiritually and how do you make it healthy? Hard concern? Not actually.

When you actually look at it, there are many ways on how you can keep yourself spiritually healthy. Again and again, all of it starts with you.

Finding Spiritual Health

Keeping spiritual health is a conscious act that an individual should take into account. Linking to the core, to that necessary life force that is instilled in you is the key in answering and maintaining your spiritual health.

Spiritual health in not practically faith, though it is part of it. The reality is that spiritual health comes before religion, since this is what connects us to our faith and our beliefs.

Spirituality is in fact the connection that we have with the significance and purpose that you have in life. It is the discovery of who you are and what you can do. It is the balance that provides you with self-confidence, with hope and with inner peace.

Be Still and Listen

When you tune in to your inner voice and you really identify the aspects that make you whole, you are feeding your spirit and helping it to grow. In meditation practices like yoga and breathing workouts, you are directing your mind and body and letting the spirit grow and take precedence.

It is very important that we need to feed and nurture the spiritual side of our lives. By taking easy walks, letting all of the stress go, prayer, discovering peace and harmony, you are providing food to your spirit.
Bear in mind that you must never ever neglect your spiritual health. There are many people who are truly aware of this side of life. A great deal of individuals are bitter, mad, lonesome, doubtful and violent because they forgot to nurture their spirit and just let it deteriorate. They feel embittered of life and they feel that they do not have the will or purpose to endure every day. If you really consider it, you would ask what took place to them.
These types of people who are just doing not have when it concerns the drive and the will to survive forgot to stay connected to what is essential. They let the daily machinations of life take control of and they forgot to feed the most vital part of their being.

Self Help

Stay linked to what actually specifies you. find ways to improve your spiritual side. There are many ways, and all of them will need you. You as the individual, and you as the provocateur. Remember that there is no force on earth that can make you move if you do not wish to move. You need to be familiar with what you need and what will work for you.

For numerous faith and the connection to the divine is the food that they need. For some it is the connection to nature that nourished their spirit. Then there are others who find fulfillment in helping others. Find your specific niche and stay there or you can integrate and mix and match to improve and feed you spirit to make it healthy.

How Anger And Grief Can Impact Your Health

How Anger And Grief Can Impact Your Health
How Anger And Grief Can Impact Your Health

Have you ever saw how the body reacts when you are angry? The reaction would be that the body heats up, and then there are times when your hands and body shake, and you have this uncontrollable urge to do something physical.

What about when you experience grief? And what about when have that sensation of loss and despair? How does your body react? What is the result in the system?

These are some indicate think about when you are handling anger and grief and how does it effect you overall health, mentally and physically.

What Happens

What is Anger?

Anger is an emotion that is consolidated strong unpleasant responses due to a provocation. It is the psychological analysis of the system when it is upset, denied or wronged. External expressions of anger would be modification in facial expression or body language, and some cases, acts of aggressiveness.

What is Sorrow?

Sorrow is the reaction of the system to loss. To be particular, this is the loss of someone who is important to an individual. Though mostly focused on the emotional action of the body, there are likewise reactions from the physical, behavioral, social, cognitive and philosophical elements of the system. External expressions of sorrow would be sobbing, hysteria and in extreme cases would be loss of consciousness.

Reaction to Anger and Sorrow

Anger and grief are powerful emotions. When an individual is angry, the physical reactions would be that of an increased heart rate, rises in the levels of adrenaline, and a boost in blood pressure. Anger is a predominant sensation when it comes to the cognitive, behavioral and mental makeup of a person. As for grief, referring to loss, the reaction of the body is shock.

Both of these extreme feelings play an excellent havoc in the system. These are manifested in the biological, emotional and mental
reactions of the body which releases something that affects the physiological and neurological processes.

The Impact

When a person experiences grief or anger, the effect that it gives the system is actually big. Given that these are strong feelings, the results that they have are likewise effective.

When an individual experiences sorrow and feelings of loss, depression is truly just around the corner. Then there is the have loss of appetite which leads to extreme weight reduction, hair loss, dry skin, digestion issues, mental anguish, lack of concentration and more. For anger, there are results like high blood pressure which might result in cardiovascular disease and damages to the arteries because of the increased heart rate that an individual experiences.

When you actually look at it, anger and sorrow, along with other feelings play a vital part in a person’s well being. Unless effectively address, these sensations of anger and grief will control and may ruin an individual psychologically as well as physically. The overall impact can not be truly assessed since the tolerance of the body for these kinds of emotions varies from person to person.

Self Help For Anger And Grief

What Can You Do?

In easing your mind and body with the stress of anger and grief, you require to look for outlets as a method of self aid.

Similar to with any problem, you need to deal with the concerns that you have.

For anger, considering that this aggressiveness, you can divert it You can transport your energy and burn out your anger through workout. For some people, they opt to divert their attention and anger to doing something that is efficient or something that will calm them.
There are lots of productive ways where you can assist yourself in managing your aggressiveness. You do not require to end up being violent and violent, rather you can make it efficient.
Assist Yourself Overcome it.

For sorrow and loss, understand that you need to go through the process. You need to go though shock and rejection, then you have intense issue, where you are unable to think about anything else, then you have anguish and anxiety and then at last to recovery.

For the first three stages, you need to make that mindful effort to pull yourself together and go through that phase. While going through these stages, you can enlist the help of somebody that is close to you to monitor you so that you do not discuss the deep end.

Keep in mind that even in the midst of pain and loss, you can still make a mindful effort that you will not be in one stage of the procedure and get stuck there.

Self Help

There are lots of self assistance books and motivational materials out there informing individuals of what they can do and how they can do it when it pertains to overcoming sorrow and anger. The real secret behind these books is the word self-help.

You need to help yourself in order to recuperate. Just like an injury, you can not simply leave it alone and not clean it. If you do not clean your injury, it would fester and it would cause you more damage and more damage. You do not actually desire that to take place do you?
When you are through anger and sorrow, constantly remember that the only individual that could assist you is you. Sure there are people that you can go to in seeking aid like shrinks and doctors to assist you medically or you go spiritual therapists who will give you guidance and counseling. However at the end of the day, all you require is you.
The battle and the battle will always begin and end within you. given that you have the power to overcome these emotions, pull yourself together, review the situation and decide to get out of the clutches of these destructive emotions.

Remember that if you do not deal with your anger or your grief, you are not simply hurting the people around you, you are harming yourself. You are damaging your system, by being stuck to anger and rage, or you are destroying your system by being depressed with grief and loss.

The Benefits Of A Healthy Mind For Overall Health

The Benefits Of A Healthy Mind For Overall Health
The Benefits Of A Healthy Mind For Overall Health

Have you ever became aware of the expression, “It all starts in the mind.” This is true. It all starts in out noggin and the effective clump of muscle that signals and sends details to our body and soul.

In some cases, we can actually heal ourselves if we have a healthy mind. How? An example would be, say we are dealing with a demanding scenario like sorrow and loss. There is a process that we need to go through, when it comes to sorrow. This is a very long process that we require to handle.

At the end of the procedure, there is a stage called healing. This is where the mind is finally getting up from the anxiety, distress and loss that it experienced.

At this phase, the mind is signifying the body to wake up and to recover. This is a precarious phase, since the mind and the spirit must be nurtured. As the mind heals and as it ends up being healthy, the body will heal from all the stress and strain that it experienced.

When you have a healthy mind, you find peace and harmony in everything that you do. It enables you to value all the facets of your life.

If you are working or you have a career, you have the energy to what you need to in order to finish your jobs. This can be factored in with your physical and spiritual wellness.

It likewise deals with relationships. With a healthy mind, you are able to reach more people and sustain relationships to make them better. You are at peace with yourself and individuals that you are engaging with.
You have the ability to open yourself to a more favorable outlook in life. You have the ability to touch other people’s lives since you have a sound mind. So in effect, with a healthy mind it does not simply affect you as private, you can connect to touch and help others in constructing a healthy mind as well.

A person requires to comprehend that when you have a healthy mind, it does not simply affect one element of life, like the physical side. It affects everything. It works with the physical side, the emotional side, the spiritual side of life. Then there comes a benefit, you can help other people also.

Overall, it is important that a person ought to actually feed the mind for it to become healthy. This is your life and your bodies, so ensure that you take care of it.


If you actually consider it, there are numerous advantages that you can rake in if you have a healthy mind as it affects your total health.

When the mind is healthy whatever else follows. Your body, your spirit, and your emotions– they are all at the top of their video game. All of these consider life are intertwined, one will not work without the other. The mind resembles the soil where everything grows.

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